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Casa Mastro is Positano Style Fashion Design for women, men and children. Casa Mastros’ couture is born from the creative inspiration of talented tailors in Positano. Sophisticated linen trousers, elegant shirts, charming dresses, chic skirts and more are designed in an exclusive style and a timeless elegance: two constants of the Moda mare Positano.

The colors, natural fibers and lace are influenced by the bright colours of the divine Amalfi Coast. These materials are chosen to exclusively enhance the femininity of the women that favour our Moda Mare Positano creations for their dolce vita getaway.

Moda Positano is not only fashion, it is a lifestyle, a way of being.

Positano Fashion named after Positano, the romantic town in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, was

created in the fifties from the local artisans who started to sell their creations and dress the

several tourists that started to discover and visit this magnificent place.

Light and airy dresses, skirts with lace and ruffles and men shirts that are perfect to use as beach cover ups

are a must. A way to dress elegantly, that makes you feel exclusive and a way of

dressing that is suitable for every occasion.

Linen, cotton and silk are the protagonists of this new fashion era, cool and informal.

Today this romantic fishing village is known worldwide for its beauty and fashion style, that is synonymous with summer, holiday and dolce vita.

Over time, each atelier has given their personal touch to each design: flowers, stripes, multicolour

prints, but keeping the classic theme going with a lot of whites and natural linen colours and embroideries.

Discover the essence of Positano with Casa Mastro's women's collection

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Elevate your style with Casa Mastro's men's collection, where Italian craftsmanship meets contemporary elegance

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Viale Pasitea, 41/43

84017 Positano (SA)


Tel. +39 089 811788

Ivan +39 3381118460

Ambra +39 3341615528

Lun - Dom, 9am -9pm

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