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The history of Casa Mastro is simple, we are a family that has always been immersed in the world of fashion. Since childhood, our playground was dad's workshop where we enjoyed hiding among the bales of fabric and scraps of fabric.
I Ivan, and my sisters Cristiana and Ambra followed the path that our father Raffaele, tailor of Positano fashion for more than 30 years, paved for us.
Ours is not an atelier as you can imagine a classic Parisian haute couture atelier, ours is rather a real artisan laboratory and this is our strength and diversification from all the disposable fashion that is to be found. now everywhere.
Every single item is still born today from the enthusiasm of father Raffaele who managed to pass it on to us children and to our sister Cristiana who with him in the laboratory start the summer after summer collections.
The search for materials from trimmings from yarns to the most sought-after rebordè laces passes through the hands of all of us who finally compose our unique garments. In fact, our particularity is that each of our garments will never be the same as another and imperfections are an indelible mark of authenticity.
Our shop in the heart of Positano is for us the showcase of the most beautiful creations, and a gym for creativity collection after collection thanks to our customers from all over the world.
We are waiting for you soon in one of our stores in the meantime we ask you to leave your personal data below to stay up to date on our offers and news from Casa Mastro